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This page explains more about the boundaries of the areas.

Local areas
These are based on the current local government boundaries. Some of these areas are small; others, especially Highland, are very large. Where necessary, the areas are subdivided in order to make it easier to find books about particular places.

If a book deals with two (or perhaps three areas) then the book is included in the lists for all these areas.
If the book covers many areas then the book will be entered in a regional list (see below); it may also be included in area lists.


These are made up as follows:

Region Local areas included in the region
Highlands and Islands Orkney Shetland Western Isles
Highland Argyll & Bute  
North-eastern Scotland Moray Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
Perth & Kinross Angus Dundee
Central & Southern Scotland Stirling Clackmannanshire Fife
West Dunbartonshire East Dunbartonshire Falkirk
Inverclyde Renfrewshire East Renfrewshire
Glasgow North Lanarkshire South Lanarkshire
Edinburgh West Lothian Midlothian
East Midlothian North Ayrshire South Ayrshire
East Ayrshire Dumfries & Galloway Scottish Borders