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This page explains how the books are arranged into various subjects and topics.

The table on the right shows the 24 subjects into which the books are divided. These subjects are further subdivided into various topics.
For example, "reference and general descriptions" is divided into the following four topics:

1 general description & reference
2 photographic studies
3 bibliographies
4 misc.

Eeach subject has a topic called "general" and one called "miscellaneous" and in these are books which cannot be fitted into more easily-defined topics.

Each area of the country is divided into the same subjects and topics. This aids a search for books over the whole country.

However, the design of the bookshop reflects the different areas of the country and large cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh have to be treated differently from big geographical areas with low population and few towns - such as the Highland areas. Where necessary, the specific arrangement of books in an area is described.

There is no separate listing for biographies and autobiographies. Each person is listed in the appropriate topic. For example, Charles Rennie Mackintosh`s biographies are included in the topic which deals with Glasgow`s architects. To help locate where biographies are located there is a Help page called People which gives a list of all the people and links to where their biographies are found.

1 reference & general descriptions
2 guidebooks & local histories
3 geography, geology & natural features
4 ecology & natural history
5 history
6 social history
7 government, politics & public services
8 education
9 architecture & buildings
10 archaeology
11 performing arts & music
12 visual arts
13 language & literature
14 museums, galleries & places to visit
15 transport
16 industry
17 economics, commerce & trade
18 fishing, agriculture & rural issues
19 sports & pastimes
20 food & drink
21 genealogy & links with other countries
22 visitor information
23 maps
24 misc.